Alongside Night

Joseph Neil Schulman is an American novelist, director, journalist who wrote  and directed Alongside Night , and The Rainbow Cadenza which both received the Prometheus Award.  He directed Lady Magdalene's with Nichelle Nichols. His third novel, Escape from Heaven, was also a finalist for the 2002 Prometheus Award. His fourth and latest novel, The Fractal Man, is a finalist for the 2019 Prometheus Award.


Sacajawea by Lauen Bell. It is the story of a Shoshoni chief's young daughter and her struggle to survive the tribes of America and a Missouri River expedition as she becomes one of the most iconic nation's heroines. The Black List recommended and is based on the novel Sacajawea (1978) by Anna Lee Waldo.

Fly Over Country

Fly Over Country by David M. Waters. A powerful and poignant story set in war-torn Afghanistan about a bond that develops between two men, a bond the US Army does not recognize and the Afghan government will execute for.

The screenplay won first place in the LGBT screenplay category at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and was a semifinalist at the Diverse Voices screenplay competition (entered in both with the title MEENA)..

Enchanted Opal

Enchanted Opal by Colonel Alan Smith USMC (ret). "After a young girl meets a mysterious woman warning her of impending danger, she comes face-to-face with her assassin, realizing the dream world which whispered, sometimes tormented her nights about an ancient past will unexpectedly be revealed."

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